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Making Justice and Dispute Resolution Accessible to all

Alternative methods in Dispute Resolution are potentially better platforms for Access to Justice. We teach, develop, promote and practice non-adversarial and non-exclusionary methods of dispute resolution, less encumbered by over-regulation and the complex and artificial rules of litigation that have high potential to damage and, in some cases, destroy lives.

Mediation and Arbitration taught and practised through the lens of Restorative Justice can get us closer to a peace that arises out of the work of true justice.

Access To justice

Access to Justice is a Jurisprudential Principal that underpins the notion that all should have access to justice regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, ability or economic prowess or lack thereof. We have established the Access to Justice foundation to enable activism and advocacy in the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Peacemaking.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are used to resolve and settle disputes without resorting to more adversarial, costly and cumbersome methods such as litigation. Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration are all ADR methods.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is an approach to the work of justice that seeks to make things right again. Punitive Justice seeks to find who committed a wrong and then figure out how to punish them. Restorative justice seeks to identify the harm, engage with all those affected and establish an approach that will bring about restoration for all involved including those who have harmed and those who have been harmed.

War and Peace

War and Peace (An extract from ‘Be Peace’, Sheena St Clair Jonker) ‘If you are lucky in this life, A window will appear between two armies on a battlefield. Instead of seeing their enemies in the window, the soldiers See themselves as children. They stop fight- Ing...

The Tyranny of Civility

The Tyranny of Civility Some years ago, a student was celebrated across our media for clearing up rubbish bins that had been upturned by outsourced workers protesting to be insourced (in other words to be part of an employment relationship that honoured basic human...

Clear minds. Open hearts. Empowered Wills

We are at our best when our minds are clear, our hearts open and we have full agency over our will.

Largely rooted in adversarialism, competition and combat, our various social, economic and political systems and, certainly our legal system have us living and operating with less coherence than we should, with fearful hearts and therefore inflamed

The Birth of New Systems Rooted in Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice and Healing Part 1: The Resurgence of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

The word ‘Indigenous’ has its etymological roots in indo from the Latin and Endina from the Greek. Both iundicate the emergence from the very entrails of a place. 1 Gen indicates birth and geni spirit. So, we can say that ‘indigenous’ is related to beings, wordlviews, values, ways of life and ways of knowing engendered from and belonging to a land that existed before the conquisita and colonization.

Care Over Cure

If we take an honest look around us, we partake in a lot of actions that help us to endure the distress of the systems we form part of.

An individual in an abusive situation may be told he or she needs to attend to their mental health.


Understood as the point from where we see, the word, ‘Vantage’ can aid us in unpacking the systems in which we are, to a large extent inert non-participants in our own wellbeing.

Bound up in a web of intricate mutuality

It is my firm belief, and my commitment, that our work in restorative justice (making things right again), transformative justice (imagining, creating and birthing better systems), and the various methods in alternative dispute resolution like mediation, is part of how we create the next legal system. One that fosters and supports human inter-identity and human inter-relatedness and that also helps to restore humanity to a right relationship with earth and all of her creatures.

ADR, Mediation and Restorative Justice Roundup

ADR, Mediation and Restorative Justice Roundup It’s been a while since I blogged. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times[i] Best (Well…in a manner of speaking) 2021 has been a strange year. A bit like the classic Tale of Two Cities. It was the Best of...

Mediation & Arbitration

Non-adversarial, restorative problem solving, dispute resolution and pursuit of justice.

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