ADR Network South Africa is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Agency, Training Platform and a Regulatory Body for its member mediators and arbitrators. is committed to raising the profile of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the interests of all ADR Service providers, disputants and both the private and public sectors. Our view is that mediation and arbitration answer questions around access to justice, peacemaking and empowerment.

We run training programs in mediation and arbitration and conflict transformation both via our research based correspondence program, and via five day workshops. Please look for more information on this site or on our blog, or simply send an email to training@adr-networksa.co.za

We are also committed to various initiatives positioned to further raise the profile of mediation and arbitration:

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Current matters and projects:

  1. ADR Diversions in Urban Shackdweller Eviction matters
  2. ADR Diversions in Public Violence Matters where protest has turned violent. Matters are diverted to restorative dialogue processes to address underlying issues that lead to the protests and to address reasons for protests turning violent
  3. Restorative processes in Rape and Sexual Violence matters. These processes are victim-centric looking to secure the future safety and well-being of the victim and also shielding him or her to traumatic exposure to the criminal justice process
  4. Restorative processes in child protection, child access and support and also in domestic violence matters where so many have been or fear being failed by the court processes available
  5. Restorative Discipline in Schools
  6. Restorative and Transformative Justice approaches to Human Rights Violation matters
  7. Restorative Mediation in Divorce, Commercial and Labour Disputes
  8. Latest talk on Restorative Justice by Sheena Jonker. This talk is specifically a faith-based perspective https://youtu.be/b7nQhwFnQwF6qY
  9. Ongoing training in mediation and restorative justice: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, PE and Limpopo Email training@adr-networksa.co.za

Past matters and projects:

1. Displaced Refugees given Refuge at Hope Farm in KZN. Follow our mediation and access to justice efforts to find a permanent solution. Carte Blanche Insert


Update: Internal conflict amongst the group lead to instability but all refugees have since accepted re-integration packages with the UN

2. DOJ Consultative Process on Court Annexed Mediation Pilot Project

2. S v Zweli Sangweni-illegal gathering and public violence matter. Advocating for ADR Diversion on the basis that this was a symptom of gross human rights violations

3. Lwandle forced evictions. Other shackdweller eviction matters: Marikana, Mangaung and Newcastle Communities in the Western Cape

4. Initiatives in Peacemaking, Leadership and Restorative Discipline in Schools. This work is gaining much momentum. For more information email schools@adr-networksa.co.za

5. Private mediation in Divorce, Commercial, Workplace and other disputes

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