Launch of Online ADR Portal

Welcome, dear reader, to the ADR-Network, SA blog!

We have had an amazing response to the launch of our new portal and I can only presume that there are many ADR practitioners out there looking for a platform to help initiate or further develop their careers in ADR.

We are going to watch international trends closely and try to bring “home” the best of what is happening “out there”. It seems that “across the seas”, so to speak, many practitioners are making their livelihoods solely out of ADR, and good livelihoods, to boot!

My private practice website has always been inundated with queries from professionals thinking about pursuing a career in ADR-either they have had enough of the frustrating delays associate with and the harsh reality that is litigation, or they are just looking at exploring other avenues and income streams. Whatever the reason, motivation or agenda, many professionals (lawyers, accountants, engineers and those from the mental health professions) and business people are interested in becoming involved in, or are already actively pursuing a career in ADR.

The ADR-Network, SA portal is simply there as another option, to offer support to, exposure and networking opportunities for ADR-Practitioners.

The Network is proudly partnering with STO technologies to ensure the latest in SEO in making sure that the Network is really visible and enjoys a high profile in the online community.

Our next blog will deal with what the Network has to offer actual disputants….watch this space!

Yours in peace.


For: The ADR-Network, South Africa Team