Peacemaking, Justice and Sustainability

To do justice means to live in a way that generates a strong community where humans flourish. Peace is not simply the absence of conflict but also the presence of justice -ADR Network SA Holla! It is an honour to write for the Green Times and to become part of a significant and advancing community. […] […]

Attention! Transgressors, Tresspassers and Poor-Choicemakers will be loved

Beware! Tresspassers, transgressors and poor-choicemakers will be loved. Holla! As always I blog in peace. And today I blog-at the tail end of what has been some of the craziest busy weeks of my life. Averaging a 16 hour work day and sometimes working through the night. I must honour my colleague Gerhard in this […] […]

Commercial Mediation: Blue Ocean Strategy and Co-operative Business Practice

Holla! I blog in peace. And today I blog about the application of mediation in commerce. And I want to specifically speak about co-operative business practice. As many of you know, Gerhard Borstlap has recently joined ADR Network SA as our Operations Director. He is something of a philosopher in his own right, as am […] […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Capacity Building Training

Holla! I greet you in peace. Please see email below from Gerhard. Have a careful look if you intend devoting your career to Alternative Dispute Resolution in the future. Please respond on Peace Sheena Facebook:!/AdrNetworkSouthAfrica?fref=ts Twitter:@sheena_ostjon Dear Sheena, As per our discussion this morning, there is a growing demand for ADR across South […] […]

Restorative Justice for Sanele May, all victims and road users

Holla! I blog in peace. And I blog today with a specific request. We are activating for an ADR Restorative Justice Process in the matter S V Sanele May. May has been charged with 23 counts of murder. I have watched this case closely and worked with his legal team who are supportive of an […] […]

A Restorative Justice Solution in the Fields Hill Truck Matter?

The skilful knight is not warlike. The skilled strategist is never angry. They who are skilled in overcoming the enemy never join battle. -Non-Violence, the history of a dangerous idea Holla! I blog in peace. First up a kind note to everyone that our Johannesburg ADR Program in Mediation and Arbitration scheduled for 7-11 October […] […]

Peace, Beauty and Justice

Holla! I blog in peace including a short vlog too:) Below is my text on the talk on Transforming Justice I presented at Campus Harvest UKZN this weekend Please send your thoughts. Peace Peace, Beauty and Justice Everyone shall be remembered, but each became great in proportion to his expectation. One became great by expecting […] […]

Seek first to Understand

Holla! This week, instead of blogging, I have tried my hand at video blogging or vlogging. You can watch it here Please send me your thoughts. Please also note the following: Durban ADR Program in Mediation and Arbitration 16-20 September 2013 Johannesbur Program in Mediation and Arbitration 7-11 October 2013 Release of Access to […] […]

Tough Minds, Tender Hearts

“Be ye therfore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” -Christ Holla! I blog in peace on this beautiful Monday morning. I have previously written about the kind of individuals we look to train up as mediators and peacemakers. I have written that we look for the sharpest of minds and the softest of hearts. […] […]

If you have nothing beautiful to contribute to the silence, don’t speak

Holla! I blog in peace. This morning I also blog with gratitude, joy, hope and love. I am back in the land of milk and honey after a week in Jozi last week, running our five day program. We had an amazing time with Maring, Michael and Stephnie, all lawyers from Nigeria National Assembly. We […] […]