We never fight people. Ever. What we do fight is systems that perpetuate injustice and wrong mindsets

We never fight people. Ever. What we do fight is systems that perpetuate injustice and wrong mindsets

-Sheena Jonker

Restoring the Template Half Day Seminars in ADR



I blog in peace. And indeed I blog in silence as I arrived at the office a little earlier than the others today.

I think my last blog went out on the 19th of last month. In that time much has happened. We have moved into new offices and now share with DreamCo, a company that I co-founded and that exists to connect entrepreneurs and other dreamers with their dreams. DreamCo and ADR Network SA work shoulder to shoulder on many of ADR Network SA’s access to justice project. As I have written in the past I am a firm believer that creativity is a powerful tool in working to accomplish justice.

Here is our latest DreamCo/ADR Network SA print campaign produced under the brilliant direction of DreamCo creative director, Drew McGibbon and assisted by newly appointed studio manager Travis Cottrell.




I was invited to attend the briefing of rape survivors and sitting amongst around 30 rape survivors was a surreal experience. Life changing. In a good way. On the day I was handed the mic at the lunch time “die in”, a form of protest where protestors act dead in order to remember those who had lost their lives to rape. It was pretty emotional for me to speak then. I had never known rape, but I had escaped 10 years earlier, a violent situation that I battled to get out of for three and a half years. And so being given the mic was not lightweight for me but it was an opportunity for me to honour the courage and beauty of the victors I encountered there as well as those that stood with them and walked with them in support.

I am overwhelmed at the courage, intention, commitment and the sheer excellence of the work Larissa Klazinga, Michelle Solomon, Aimee and other world changers are doing at Rhodes.

I was also so honoured to be able to spend time with Dean of Students, Viv De Klerk, Deputy Dean, Roger Adams and Sports Psychologist Greg Wilmot, all of whom have done our programs and support our work in achieving justice non-adversarially.

Late March I facilitated a successful dialogue at the Indaba of University Sport South Africa. The previous four years there had been walk outs due to high conflict and stalemate. I wish to honour all those there for their commitment, grace and honour in pushing through some really difficult stuff to get to resolution.

We also had an amazing time at our half day seminar in Johannesburg early April. We will release upcoming dates shortly for Jozi, Pretoria and Cape Town. The purpose is to entrench principles, meet others and secure work.

My travels also took me to Pretoria to finally meet Prof Faris who heads up the Institute for Dispute Resolution Africa. At this stage let me just say Wow! And I will write more in my next blog.

Later this week I will be addressing the NEC’s of various Trade Unions. I will report back on that but I am very excited.

Our next five day program is in Jozi 24-28 June. Space is limited as we are expecting a delegation from Nigerian National assembly. Please write to us urgently if you are keen on a spot.

As always, our correspondence program continues to run, so drop us a line for more info.

We have growing capacity in all provinces so to refer a dispute drop an email to adr@mediatorsa.co.za

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I actually have a lot more to write about but don’t want to make this too long, so a will blog again in the next few days.


Until then, peace.