Training Updates


Shortly after I sent out Monday’s blog, our Domain went down. So this is an update for those unable to access the information:

1. Training

A last reminder of 40 hour mediator training as follows:

Cape Town 16-20 March (confirmed to go ahead)

Bloemfontein 9-13 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Durban 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Johannesburg 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers) 

5 day Mediator Training is R 11 999

1 day Court Annexed Mediation is R 999  (on the Thursday of each 5 day Group)

Distance Learning Program is R 11 999

Monthly payment options: 

6 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 2100 per month

12 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 1200 per month

18 month payment option (5 Day or Distance) R 875

24 month payment plan (5 Day or Distance) R 625 per month 

*Discounts for upfront payment and/or multiple trainees

Please return your proof of payment for the full amount or first instalment and we will respond with your electronic study pack as follows

ADR Network SA

FNB 62488968888

Br 223726

Ref: Surname/*5day *Dist *CAM

2. Evictions

We have had a victory for ADR in one of our eviction matters. A draft order was agreed to which will be taken by consent in Chambers with the Judge President Tomorrow. Part of this Order sees the setting up of a Steering Committee made up of representatives for the Applicant, ourselves as Amicus Curiae, the Committee and Law Enforcement. This committee will work to achieve an exit of the community from the land by agreement in parallel with a process of establishing suitable alternative accommodation and measures in collaboration with the City’s Human Settlement’s Division. This is what we have advocated for all along and it is becoming a reality: proper consultation

Through our efforts we have had several short term wins for 6 communities of a total of over 6000 families, but this matter sees what we ultimately want: engagement as the only possible long term solution

3. ADR Summit

On Friday I will be addressing an ADR Summit in Bloem. The DOJ and COGTA will be there and I have been specifically asked to address them on what we have learned for ADR in community eviction matters

4. Community Courts

Access to Justice and ADR Network SA has started a process of providing skilled mediators present at the Community and Municipal Courts starting in KZN and Western Cape. We look forward to this work gaining strength and momentum

5. Court Annexed Mediation

Many of our mediators have been accredited with the DOJ in Gauteng and the Northern Province

We look forward to further provincial role outs

6. Peace at Work

My friend John Ford (former Editor at has published his book Peace at Work, a brilliant resource for mediators and HR Practitioners in the Workplace. I have a copy to give away. Email me if you think you deserve it:)

Please get in touch. We love hearing from you




Latest News and Training Dates


1. Upcoming Training Dates

16-20 March Cape Town

9-13 Bloem

Proposed Training Dates

16-20 March Durban

16-20 March Joburg

Full fee is R 12 000 and there are monthly terms available as well as discounts for advance payment and multiple trainees

Distance Training available

Costs are the same with the same term options and discount options

All programs cover prescribed content on Court Annexed Mediation

2. Public Speaking Engagements

There is a great need to sensitize society around shifting from punitive understandings of justice to restorative systems

How do we use the law and discipline structures in organizations such as schools to protect, heal, restore and make things right again (all the elements of real justice)

To book a speaker please contact

3. Protest action

We are consulted in a lot of protest action both prior to such action and often in the aftermath

We have developed a pack in order to help preserve this right as well as enable safe protest action. This contains a checklist and draft notice. Email me if you want a pack



Re: Latest News at ADR Network SA and Access to Justice


1. Training:

It’s all happening next week in Joburg and Bloem. All registrations for the five day mediator training or the one day Court Annexed Mediation as well as new Distance Learning Registrations on the Thursday must be in like yesterday. But if I apply a little Grace you have a few minutes left.

Email urgently

2. Corporate Social Investment: Education is an Access to Justice issue

Corporate Social Investment:
If you have any available CSI spend please consider the following before you close off your year. The spend enhances your BEEE rating but more than that you will be empowering teachers in KZN. Here is some info. Please contact David Roome (​ if you are willing and able. Please also share on all your networks:

In summary, Thuthukisa was started 3 years ago, hosted at Highbury as a poverty alleviation project. We have seen huge favor in many aspects, but would like to see it grow substantially.

The teachers responsible for school readiness in our province are among the least qualified when looking at national levels, with the highest learner-educator ratio against all other provinces. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but KZN has the largest numbers of school-children in the country – almost a quarter of the country’s at 3 million whereas GP as the next largest has just over 2 million out of 12 million countrywide.

Investing in teachers has a huge rate of return. Our teachers on average have a dependency ratio of 30:1 learners:educators. So for every rand you spend, you impact 31 people. We have 300 teachers in the project at varying levels of education.

The dept. of education does not employ teachers who are not qualified with a degree in education. This means that all unqualified ECD teachers (the majority) earn a monthly stipend of R700 – R1500 per month from the dept. of social development.

This is the group who we are entrusting the future economic potential of our country to.

Placing a child in school at grade 1 with no mathematical or basic language literacy skills sets them up for failure. The system is designed around a basic understanding of concepts.

This project does multiple things – trains teachers to educate rather than baby-sit; formally increases their education level so that they qualify to be formally employed and earn a salary; raises the standard of education and school-readiness and directly improves the lives of the teachers; and improves the success level of learners at school.

Half of matrics drop out of school without completing matric. SA adds 1.5 million school-leavers to the economy per year. Only 1 million jobs have formally been added to the economy since 2008 when a million had been lost. Unemployment at 18-24 age is 80%.

This project, long term will significantly increase the chances of learners to gain an education and be economically attractive to the workplace.

We are fully accredited BEE for any CSI spend. We can also assist with learnerships (enterprise development) and Skill development spend. Legislation is changing and in May, i understand companies will be required to spend 6% of their salaries & wage bill on skills development. Please consider this mechanism to invest in the economy your children will be a part of.

The tax year ends in a few weeks and any spend needs to be made ahead of this to qualify for potential rebates.

I would really appreciate your help and support in this. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you know of someone in your network who needs to meet a better scorecard level or is passionate about education or poverty alleviation, please forward this opportunity to them.


3. Community Courts and ADR

We are rolling out some informal projects at the Community Courts



As always