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Just a reminder that Wednesday is our Featured Mediator Day so we feature a number of our Registered Panel Mediators from various regions. To feature, you must be part of our panel and your updated bio must be in by 12pm on Tuesday

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Please also look out for this weeks feature on the spiral of violence which teaches Restorative Justice mediators a model of understanding the genesis of violence and we start building an awakening for practitioners to start mobilizing at the source of violence rather than just reactive violence and redemptive violence.

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Wednesday Featured Mediators

NICO RAUNBENHEIMER spent 25 years as detective in the South African Police Service and forensic investigator with the Road Accident Fund. He obtained his National Diploma in Policing from then Technikon SA in 1998 and his LLB degree from UNISA in 2008 and was enrolled as advocate of the High Court of South Africa. Realising that the adversarial system of law in South Africa holds many negatives and that Alternative Dispute Resolution holds better advantages for all parties concerned in a dispute, Nico completed Mediation and Arbitration Training with ADR Network SA and is now focusing his practice on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

He is based in Gauteng and is a trained, accredited and currently registered panel mediator of ADR Network SA. You can contact him on nico@adr-networksa.co.za


ADR Network SA featured Mediators: Every Wednesday between 8am and 10am


Every Wednesday we will be featuring some of our current panel mediators. If you wish to be featured, email sheena@adr-networksa.co.za

This time is statistically the best time to be online and it will go out to facebook, twitter and our blog, so the reach is extensive.

Here are today’s featured mediators:

ROGER ADAMS has worked in Student Affairs for 25 years dealing mostly with Student Leaders in areas such as mentoring, training, mediation and team building.

He has served as the Chairperson of the UCT black staff association for five years. He has held membership of the Institutional Forum for Employment Equity at UCT previously. He has served in the national elected office of the South Africa Student Sports Union for 17 years-a period which incorporated a three year chairpersonship of USSA (University Sport SA)’s disciplinary committee

His qualifications include a BA in Physical Education, a BA Honours in Physical Education, a Higher Diploma in Education, a certificate in Sports Law Management and he is a trained and accredited mediator with ADR Network SA, currently registered on our panel

To get in touch with Roger to enquire about his mediation services, please email                  roger@adr-netowrksa.co.za

PAULA KENNEDY SMITH is a Hong Kong trained Lawyer with extensive experience in Litigation, mediation and arbitration in the UK, Hong Kong and SA.  She obtained her LLB in Hong Kong and was involved in extensive cross harbour tunnel arbitration in Hong Kong. She studied English at UNISA just for pleasure. Her areas of expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution include commercial, business, community, family and workplace.

She is a trained an accredited ADR Network SA mediator and Arbitrator and has been a willing participant in our Access to Justice work in Cape Town, where she is based.

To get hold of Paula please email paula@adr-networksa.co.za

JOHANN DE WET is an attorney, construction specialist and trained and accredited mediator currently registered on our panel. He says:

I was born and raised in Randburg Gauteng ,one of five children .I am happily married to my soulmate and school love(loutjie) for the past  18 years and have three beautiful children .I am a family man.

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God” I  grew up always trying to be a peacemaker ,needless to say that when I did my articles and practised at a litigation law firm in Johannesburg ,I was totally disillusioned with the aggressive nature of the litigation process. Law was not what I perceived it to be. I then moved to property development and residential construction .After a couple of years out of practise I met a person(Koos) who introduced me to Mediation and my whole being resonated with it. I searched and came into contact with Sheena, did the mediation course and after aligning myself with a couple of like-minded people formed a mediation group.

I believe if we can draft a group of people who are not only following the process of mediation but are mediators in heart and spirit we can change our country.”

Johann is Johannesburg-based. To get in touch with him, email johann@adr-networksa.co.za

Attention ADR Network SA Panellists (Mediators and Arbitrators)


If you are currently registered with ADR Network SA as a panellist, please send in an update of your specific offerings and areas of interest or speciality, from workshops to dispute resolution services

We will be publishing updates on our website and all our networks this week, so it’s a good time to harvest some work

Please send in to sheena@adr-networksa.co.za by 12pm on Tuesday 24 March 2015 for publication on Wednesday morning, statistically one of the best times to get news out


Sheena Jonker


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Accreditation of Mediators and Arbitrators

ADR Network SA accredits mediators and arbitrators who have

1. Successfully completed its ADR Program in Mediation and/or Arbitration; and

2. Completed its panel registration procedure. This binds its mediators and or arbitrators to our Codes of Conduct and Standards and Ethics as published from time to time;

or who have

1. Trained elsewhere and demonstrated an appropriate level of training and experience; and

2. Have completed the panel registration process and have bound themselves to our Codes of Conduct and Standards and ethics as published from time to time

Only mediators and arbitrators currently registered and in good standing with us are regarding as being accredited with us and subject to our complaints management processes

Other mediators and arbitrators may well have trained with us and hold certification with us but only current members of our panel may hold themselves out as being ADR Network SA-accredited mediators and/or arbitrators and may practice as such.

Panel registration must be renewed each year

To join our panel or to enquire on the currency of a mediator or arbitrator’s panel registration with us, please email panel@adr-networksa.co.za