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  • Five day Programs


14-18 September Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town

19-23 October Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town

Cost R 11 999 with monthly payment options available

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  • Court Annexed Mediation Workshop


17 September Durban/ Johannesburg/Cape Town

22 October Durban/ Johannesburg/Cape Town

Cost R 1000 for those with prior mediation training or sufficient experience

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  • Half Day events (8am-12pm)


Friday 28 August Durban-Transforming Conflict in Relationships

Friday 25 September-Durban managing dialogue processes

Cost: no cost to registered distance learning trainees. R 500 for all others (includes material, light breakfast, teas and coffees)

As of September these will run on the last Friday of each month in Durban/Joburg/Cape Town

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  • Subsidies


We offer subsidies up to 50% on application and on financial need shown

We also offer 75% subsidies to all SAPS, Correctional Services, DOJ and DSD employees

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  • Mediation at Hope Farm


Access to Justice is heading up mediation efforts connected with displaced foreign nationals who were arrested after a refugee camp closed down in Durban in June. They are being hosted at Hope Farm Cato Ridge

Carte Blanche ran an insert on this last Sunday. You can watch it here and please share with all your networks as awareness may help us identify a durable solution

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Featured Mediator Section

Eddie Bruwer is currently employed within the credit rehabilitation industry and previously worked 14 years within the financial industry (Banking). Qualified club cricket coach and have a big passion for sport (cricket, rugby and hockey) your typical South Africa man that loves to braai and interact with people on various daily topics.

Family man happily married for 14 years with 2 wonderful achieving children both academically and on the sport field and as an individual I am a firm believer in honesty and integrity and is not someone that will become violent but would rather seek a more peaceful way of solving any form of problem. Firm believer in working hard and always giving everything on a daily basis.

Eddie is Johannesburg based and would love to assist with any form of debt and sport mediation where required.

You can contact Eddie at

Mediation Efforts at Hope Farm: Insert on Carte Blanche


For those of you who missed Carte Blanche last night, follow the link below

We have been involved since the end of June when a group of refugees were arrested after the last of the Durban Refugee camps closed. The story also makes reference to our ongoing efforts to mediate a solution

Please watch the insert and share with your own networks where possible in order to amplify the plight of these refugees and to help identify a durable solution.

Thank you to Doctors without Borders for their efforts in securing this platform with Carte Blanche. And thank you to Carte Blanche for treating the story with dignity and for balanced reporting

As always, peace

Sheena Jonker