Restorative Justice Processes in Rape Cases and Sexual Violence Matters: What the hell?

I conduct restorative and non-adversarial processes in rape cases and sexual violence matters. Without sufficient information on this you may be offended. So here is why I do this (and also teach others to conduct Restorative Processes): Some statistics I have seen tend to show that of the matters reported that actually proceed to […] […]


  The Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa (NPO 135-398) Invites you to join us for a FUN fundraising evening in aid of its project   ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN seeks to promote non-adversarial problem solving in matters involving children, and also to develop and advance the right of children to be represented […] […]

Training Schedule

TRAINING CALENDER FOR THE REST OF 2016 AND FOR 2017: 5 Day Mediator Training (including content on Court Annexed Mediation) Trainees can elect to do additional assignments from the One Year Distance Program, for example Arbitration, Family Dispute Resolution, Commercial, Workplace and others which carries additional certification Distance Trainees can attend monthly study group sessions […] […]

Restorative Justice, the hope for something else (a faith-based perspective)

Restorative Justice: A Hope for Something else God’s True Cloak (A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke) We must not portray you in King’s Robes You drifting mist that brought the morning Once again from old paintboxes we take the same gold for sceptre and crown That has disguised you through the ages Piously we […] […]


  ADR Network SA Limpopo has been launched under the leadership of advanced mediator Mpho Mdingi Mpho is in the process of preparing for her launch breakfast this Saturday and her first five day program this month. But last week she received an actual baptism of fire. At midnight last Tuesday I sent her an […] […]


THE VIOLENCE OF NON-ENGAGEMENT __________________________________________________________________________________   It’s not easy to make sense of the current protests, especially not if there are attempts to distil our understanding into dualistic explanations of it’s either or. It’s this way or that way.   As I have said before the protests contain aspects that seemingly don’t make sense and […] […]

#AndreOlivier: An Imagined World

#AndreOlivier: A world where white people took nothing from black people is not a real world, it’s an imagined one. A South Africa where white people took nothing from black people is not a real South Africa, it’s an imagined one. A South Africa where white people gained the position in society that they occupy […] […]


T’shuvah! I was listening to a talk by Rob Bell and came across this great word: T’shuvah. What I understand from this is that it is an ancient word that encapsulates a whole lot of what we believe as Restorativists and Restorative Justice Practitioners. T’shuvah It’s the beginning and […] […]

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Gareth Cliff, Free Speech and a time to Re-Imagine

It’s been a tough start to our New Year in South Africa. Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities starts out: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Sometimes the worst we go through helps to break us open in a way that light can get in. The vile racist sentiment expressed […] […]

Are people getting to tell their stories in Court? Yet?

We all know court is a contest, right? We know that the win is largely based on the genius (or lack thereof) of lawyers, right? This means that access to justice can be quite closely associated with levels of affordability. However, it gets worse, disputants (the state, victims, offenders, plaintiffs, defendants and so on) are […] […]