ADR-Network, South Africa is an online portal which brings together ADR Professionals across South Africa.

The vision of ADR-Network, South Africa is to:

  1. assist in raising the profile of mediation and arbitration in South Africa
  2. assist ADR practitioners in developing and growing their own practices
  3. manage referral work that we gain, nationally (and even internationally)
  4. provide a platform for practitioners to network with each other
  5. assist in the promotion of other practitioners’ and organizations’ training programs
  6. in the future, to launch an online journal and to promote and provide a platform for the academic and literary work of others.
  7.  to remain organic and to evolve according to the needs of ADR practitioners on the one hand, and disputants and would-be disputants on the other

The network was birthed out of a need to refer work nationally and even internationally, as well as a perceived need for other practitioners looking for support and an outlet for their own services

More About ADR-Network, South Africa

  • We are a team of ADR professionals, specially trained and selected to perform mediations and to act as arbitrators.
  • Our team of ADR specialists includes attorneys, legal professionals, social workers, psychologists and business and industry experts. These ADR professionals receive constant support regarding the latest trends in dispute resolution.
  • Our Network ensures that the quality of the selected ADR process, provides parties with peace of mind that the service they receive, incorporates “best practice” principles.

For more information or to refer a dispute email adr@mediatorsa.co.za


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