Accreditation of Mediators and Arbitrators

ADR Network SA accredits mediators and arbitrators who have

1. Successfully completed its ADR Program in Mediation and/or Arbitration; and

2. Completed its panel registration procedure. This binds its mediators and or arbitrators to our Codes of Conduct and Standards and Ethics as published from time to time;

or who have

1. Trained elsewhere and demonstrated an appropriate level of training and experience; and

2. Have completed the panel registration process and have bound themselves to our Codes of Conduct and Standards and ethics as published from time to time

Only mediators and arbitrators currently registered and in good standing with us are regarding as being accredited with us and subject to our complaints management processes

Other mediators and arbitrators may well have trained with us and hold certification with us but only current members of our panel may hold themselves out as being ADR Network SA-accredited mediators and/or arbitrators and may practice as such.

Panel registration must be renewed each year

To join our panel or to enquire on the currency of a mediator or arbitrator’s panel registration with us, please email


ADR Network SA is committed to ensuring that its accredited mediators and arbitrators offer services of a high standard and adhere to standards of best practice and ethical guidelines, as published from time to time

If you have or feel you have been harmed or prejudiced in anyway by an ADR Network SA-accredited mediator or arbitrator or have been adversely affected either directly, or indirectly by a process managed or conducted by one of our accredited practitioners, please email and we will guide you through a process of attending to your concern, complaint or grievance.


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