ADR Netwok SA Limpopo

ADR Network SA (Limpopo) is about to launch and will be operated to advanced mediator, Mpho Mdingi.

She can be contacted on

ADR Network SA Limpopo will offer:

Monthly Mediation Training.

The First such training is scheduled to run from 10 to 14 October 2014. For enquiries and registration packs please email

Regular ADR Networking Breakfasts

ADR Network SA Limpopo will host it’s first breakfast on the 8th of October 2014. This will be an introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Restorative Justice and also a discussion on how you may wish to get involved. Please email

Mediation and ADR Services

ADR Network SA Limpopo offers the services of trained mediators in family disputes, workplace disputes, commercial disputes, credit disputes and also restorative justice processes in criminal matters and school violence and conflict. Please contact

ADR Network SA Limpopo is subject to ADR Network SA compliance and regulatory provisions. For any compliance issues please email


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