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Our five day mediation training runs monthly in Johannesburg and Durban and at other times in Cape Town, Limpopo and PE. Upcoming five day workshops are as follows:

24-28 September 2018

22-26 October 2018

26-30 November 2018

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The ADR Network South Africa-accredited training programme for mediators and arbitrators runs via correspondence or alternatively via  5 day workshop. Certification with ADR Network SA and The Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa. Successful completion entitles graduates of the program to serve on both panels.

NOTE: We do offer partial assistance on the Correspondence Program. Enquire at with Subsidy: Correspondence Program in the subject line

40 hour training (or twelve month distance learning)  in alternative methods of dispute resolution, primarily focused on mediation and managed dialogue processes. We teach these methods through the lens of restorative justice and restorative practices in all kinds of disputes including civil, commercial, family, criminal, community, school, inter-personal and workplace


Topics include:

Overview of ADR Systems in SA and Legislative mechanisms

Conflict Resolution Theory

Non-violent Communication Styles and non-adversarial dispute resolution philosophy

Introducing honour to high conflict environments

The utilization of forgiveness and amnesty processes within ADR Processes

Managed Dialogue Processes

An overview of Arbitration and multi-step processes

Court annexed mediation. The upcoming pilot project and experiences across Africa


Assessments are via a written assignment (in your chosen elective)  and role play assessments


Elective choices:

Family Dispute Resolution


Commercial Dispute Resolution

Restorative Justice

Workplace Dispute Resolution

Community Dispute Resolution

Medical Negligence Dispute Resolution

Insurance Dispute Resolution

ADR in Constitutional and Administrative Law Matters

Electives can also be undertaken  as stand alone short programs.

All our programs are filtered through the lens of restorative justice

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Courses and Registration forms

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We also run one day programs in:

-Co-operative Business Practice

-Managing Dialogue Processes

-Shop Steward Training

-Restorative Discipline in Schools

-Transforming conflict in personal relationships

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ADR Network SA will be runs breakfast events around topics related to ADR, Restorative Justice, Mediation and Peacemaking