I blog in peace. This morning I also blog with gratitude, joy, hope and love.

I am back in the land of milk and honey after a week in Jozi last week, running our five day program. We had an amazing time with Maring, Michael and Stephnie, all lawyers from Nigeria National Assembly. We also had some amazing South Africans, Eric, Gerhard and Themba.

The National Assembly Nigeria is establishing an ADR Commission and our Nigerian friends, legal draftsmen and women, are passionate about becoming a significant part of the future of ADR in Nigeria. We look forward to seeing this unfold. All are astute lawyers with amazing hearts. The sharpest of minds and softest of hearts we always look for.

Eric, Gerhard and Themba are serious about Alternative Dispute Resolution and so we look forward to hearing from them and their future plans. Indications are there will soon be a few new ADR Practices birthed. Watch this space.

Many of you know that I regard the pursuit of justice as intrinsic to the establishment of peace and so I do a significant amount of activism in matters involving the abuse of human rights. One such area is gender violence which we will be working on closely with Larissa Klazinga. Another such area is psychotropic drugging. To this end I was honoured to meet with Maurithus Meiring of the Citizens Commission for Human Rights. They are probably the strongest resource in the fight against psychotropic drugging of adults and children, which as you may know, I regard as one of the biggest crimes against humanity yet.

Each week I seem to come across a new tool to add to my toolbox in peacemaking and conflict resolution. We have just released our latest training program: Short Certificate Program in Non-Violent Communication. I am so proud of this work and whether you wish to go into formal ADR practice or you are looking to change your own life and the world around you, consistent application of even one or two of the founding principles of this program will be of eternal value. So the tool, the one tool that encapsulates the heart of this program:

“If you have nothing beautiful to contribute to the silence, don’t speak”, Ordinary Radical, Shane Claiborne

Here is a quick outline of the program:

SECTION ONE: Introduction to the philosophy of non-violence

SECTION TWO: Historical accomplishments of non-violent movements

SECTION THREE: The Role of Non-violence in alternative Dispute Resolution and Peacemaking

SECTION FOUR: Non-Violence through thought processes, communication and behaviour

SECTION FIVE: Non-violence and restorative justice

SECTION SIX: Case Studies

In other exciting news this week. Sonja Davis joins us as Head of Marketing and Projects. ADR Network SA and DreamCo also start production on our ethical fashion label, Access to Justice. This will serve several purposes: raise awareness for human rights activism, create consciousness around human rights abuses in fashion, and finally it could be the coolest label in streetgear ever, and so we are contributing to the awesomness of many.


Please send us an email if you would like information on our main ADR Program in Mediation and Arbitration or any of our short programs, including the Short Program in Non-Violent Communication.

Until next time, peace.

Sheena Jonker