Social Power Series for Mediators, Lawyers and Activists, Part 2: Power and Privilege

“Perhaps …I am the face of one of your fears. Because I am a woman, because I am black, because I am lesbian, because I am myself- A black woman warrior poet, doing my work- Come to ask you: are you doing yours?” -Audra Lorde, “Sister Outsider” Restorative justice and peacemaking are not mere […] […]

#AndreOlivier: An Imagined World

#AndreOlivier: A world where white people took nothing from black people is not a real world, it’s an imagined one. A South Africa where white people took nothing from black people is not a real South Africa, it’s an imagined one. A South Africa where white people gained the position in society that they occupy […] […]

Trauma Release

I am busy with material updates for 2016 for our ADR and Mediator Training Although mediators do not assume the role of counsellor, it is important that they understand how individuals and groups behave during trauma and what the residual effects of trauma might be. Trauma is said to be anything that overwhelms our natural […] […]

Am I violent?

As a proponent of non-violence and non-adversarial methods of getting to justice, I spend a lot of time looking around me, glancing within and recognizing the violent impulses that I too have to dismantle and unlearn that obviously emanate from living in a violent world. On our mediation training programs one of the first things […] […]

ADR and Mediator Training for the rest of the year and early 2016

Friends We have completed our 5 day training program schedule for this year. Distance Learning Remains open to register and complete. 5 Day Training Early 2016 5 day training will resume in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town on the last Monday to Friday of January, February and March 2016 You can register until 25 November 2015 at […] […]

#feesmustfall #outsourcingmustfall to #feesarefalling and #outsourcingisfalling

#outsourcingmustfall Outsourcing has fallen at UCT: why is this an important win for all of us? At common law a contract does not have to be fair to be lawful. For a contract to be lawful there must be consensus (agreement), the parties must have capacity to act, the terms must be legally and physically […] […]

Lawyers as Peacemakers Conference and Upcoming Training

Friends 1. Lawyers as Peacemakers The lawyers as peacemakers conference takes place this Wednesday and Thursday at UNISA in Pretoria. Hosted by the Africa Centre for Dispute Resolution this conference brings together changemakers in the world of legal practice and peacemaking: Lawyers, mediators, activists and others. You can still register today. There is no cost, […] […]

50% off Discount on Distance Training Program

Register on our one year Certificate Distance Training Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution before 31 July 2015 and get an automatic 50% discount. For registration packs email […]

Upcoming ADR Network SA-Accredited Mediator Training

Friends A reminder of upcoming 40 hour mediator training from 3-7 August in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The cost is R 11 999 with monthly payment options and up to 50% subsidies on motivation of financial need. The Thursday of each program covers court-annexed mediation and can be done as a one day program […] […]

Latest News: ADR Network SA and Access to Justice

Hi Friends A quick note to say that last week the Chatsworth Refugee Camp closed after 3 months negotiations with displaced foreigners. A group of 150 refugees were not willing to accept the offered repatriation or re-integration packages primarily since it would involve either going back into SA communities or returning to Burundi or DRC […] […]