Some important Notices


Just a quick check in to advise on a number of things:


I chatted to the State Law Advisor at the Rules Board yesterday and advise that the Court Annexed Mediation Pilot is deferred to 1 December. This gives us more time to ready our mediators. Look out for workshop times in your province once accreditation standards and fee structures are published

2. Access to Justice breakfasts happen next Friday in Jozi, Cape Town and Durbs. You can show case your ADR services and also come be part of an inspiring talk on mobilizing all as agents of Justice. We’ll have a tweet/FB/Instagram-fest to create a strong fabric of proponents of ADR and Access to JUSTICE across SA. We have place for 20 at each breakfast. Get in touch if you wanna be there


3. S v Sangweni ADR Process

Mediation caucus meetings start tomorrow and the formal process happens 18-22 Aug. Get in touch if you want observer status


4. Limited subsidies on Distance Learning Program available. Email





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