1. Upcoming Training Dates

16-20 March Cape Town

9-13 Bloem

Proposed Training Dates

16-20 March Durban

16-20 March Joburg

Full fee is R 12 000 and there are monthly terms available as well as discounts for advance payment and multiple trainees

Distance Training available

Costs are the same with the same term options and discount options

All programs cover prescribed content on Court Annexed Mediation

2. Public Speaking Engagements

There is a great need to sensitize society around shifting from punitive understandings of justice to restorative systems

How do we use the law and discipline structures in organizations such as schools to protect, heal, restore and make things right again (all the elements of real justice)

To book a speaker please contact sheena@accesstojustice.co.za

3. Protest action

We are consulted in a lot of protest action both prior to such action and often in the aftermath

We have developed a pack in order to help preserve this right as well as enable safe protest action. This contains a checklist and draft notice. Email me if you want a pack