ADR Network SA Limpopo has been launched under the leadership of advanced mediator Mpho Mdingi

Mpho is in the process of preparing for her launch breakfast this Saturday and her first five day program this month. But last week she received an actual baptism of fire. At midnight last Tuesday I sent her an email to request that she assists with a crisis at the University of Limpopo where students had been arrested on their return from a night vigil and silent prayer.

Before 8am the next morning she had assisted (along with BLA) in mobilizing a legal team to assist with release and had started engaging with police, the University and prosecutors. All of the accused were released without charge later that day and she continued to assist the student lead project to get evicted and stranded students home. On Saturday night she received the following message:

“Evening Dear, we are done with our project of taking our students home. I arrived home also. Thank you very much for the overwhelming support that you and ADR Network gave us from the first day. U have been fantastic words alone cannot describe how happy I am now all thanks to you and everyone who support our struggle. I will send you pictures of today from morning to the last taxi which took our students.”

Special thanks must also go to Mr Mohoto of BLA and Mr Kgafane the lawyers who assisted without hesitation.

Mpho is a courageous, energetic and dynamic young woman. If you are keen to get involved in mediation and restorative justice work, or you need assistance via this type of service, please email

The above is an example of mediation as problem solving at it’s best: facilitating connections, building bridges and shining a light in dark places to bring about healing based solutions.

As always, peace

Sheena Jonker