1. Mediator Training in Johannesburg next week

If you still wish to join next week’s full five day mediator training program or the Thursday one day Court Annexed Mediator Program in Joburg, please get in touch on training@adr-networksa.co.za

The training takes places at a venue in Auckland Park and trainees will tour the Constitutional Court and discuss how ADR is helping to advance a constitutional culture in SA. This is relevant in every sphere from workplace, to family, community and workplace settings

2. Featured Mediator Section

All ADR Network SA-accredited mediators get to appear in our featured mediator section which goes out to all our pages and lists every Wednesday. Please get in touch on sheena@adr-networksa.co.za if you wish to appear tomorrow

3. Xenophobic Attacks

The media, as we know is about what sells the story the best and can be divisive and can add fuel to the fire. Nhlanhla Sangweni of Access to Justice and others of Newlands Youth Organization will be looking to raise the profile of the complex causes of these attacks which have been passed off as Xenophobia. These are not Xenophobic attacks per se and it is of exceptional importance that the complexities are understood. Only from an insightful vantage point will we ever be able to address the cause rather than trying to solve the problem at a symptomatic level

As always, peace