We think building peace is about getting everyone to calm down, displacing anger and ensuring passivity. It’s not. Here are some peace building methods that EVERY one of us can and should partake in:
1. Plant a tree
2. Grow your own food
3. Recycle your trash
4. Hang out with people that look nothing like you
5. Commune with the poor. Be open to learn from them. They will teach you.
6. Do some research on a problem like the land restitution problem in SA and think about ways you can be part of the solution
7. Ride your bicycle or walk to work
8. Surrender your gun license and your gun. If you can, and you can get permission, melt it down and turn it into something useful
9. Go back someone, get in someone’s corner.
10. Challenge an unjust law
11. Get to know about and participate in our constitutional public consultation processes
12. Stop buying bottled water if you have access to safe drinking tap water
Go in peace
-some of this is inspired by the work of the Simple Way