I blog in peace. And I blog today with a specific request. We are activating for an ADR Restorative Justice Process in the matter S V Sanele May. May has been charged with 23 counts of murder. I have watched this case closely and worked with his legal team who are supportive of an ADR process. I have spent some time with May (he is known as May) and I have observed many human rights abuses in this particular matter.

Of great concern though in the criminal justice process is the fact that the Truck was tested by the truck owner’s forensic experts and then returned to the truck owner before May’s defence has had an opportunity to conduct it’s own forensic analysis. My view is that forensics have already been compromised and the matter should not proceed. I believe that this matter should be investigated by an Independent Commission of Inquiry. And so with some guidance from Advocate Dali Mpofu as well as some of those in the Department of Justice, I have drafted an application in terms of Sections 84 and Section 206 of the Constitution which will be served on Senzo Mchunu, KZN Premier. In support, we have established a petition which went live on Sunday and we need signatures of those who back this course of action.

An independent process to establish facts will pave the way for an ADR Restorative Process later which we believe is the only process that is able to honour truth, accountability, healing and restoration and ultimately transformed Road Safety for us all.


If you back us please sign the following petition and share it far and wide.

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As always, peace

Sheena Jonker