Sheena St. Clair Jonker

Sheena St. Clair Jonker is the founder and executive head of ADR Network SA. Other appointments currently held:

Executive head of The Access to Justice Association of SA (NPO 135-398)

Head of Legal/COO Terra Firma Realty and Terra Firma Realty Foundation

She graduated from UKZN with a BA in Law and then an LLB before serving articles and becoming admitted as an attorney and conveyancer. She practiced as such for ten years. At the commencement of practice, she became involved with the Christian Lawyers Association and various advocacy projects around newly emerging constitutional issues. One of the issues she became involved in was developing and promoting ADR and non-adversarial dispute resolution processes within the legal profession.

After completing a decade in practice, she took a complete break (at the time of the birth of her second child) and a year later she turned to the practice of Alternatives in Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice. She has taught law through most of the past two decades but over the last decade has concentrated primarily on the development, teaching and practice of alternative methods of dispute resolution and achieving justice.

She is an experienced and accomplished mediator and arbitrator.

She has prepared and presented papers for various law reform projects including Lawyers as Peacemakers and the annual Labour Law Conference and has recently contributed to Lawyers as Changemakers, J Kim Wright (2016) American Bar Association.

She is consulted widely in particularly high conflict disputes and also for her expertise in mediating complex legal disputes. She promotes a restorative justice approach in commercial matters, family matters, workplace matters and other matters. She facilitates restorative justice processes in criminal matters and sexual violence and rape matters, maintaining a primarily victim centric and child protection stance and promoting alternative sentencing and rehabilitative mechanisms where appropriate.

Sheena can be appointed to mediate, arbitrate (where appropriate) in a wide range of disputes and to consult and advise on restorative systems, progressive law reform and also constitutional and human rights issues where a restorative approach is sought.

She also founded Access to Justice an NPO which offers dispute resolution and legal services primarily to vulnerable communities and individuals.

Other notable projects include:

Access to Justice for children which was shortlisted in the 2016 Hague Institute for Innovation in Law

Work with Shackdweller Communities and Refugees-Pro Bono Nominee 2015

Access to Justice for Students-promoting and protecting the right to peaceful protest

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