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Eddie Bruwer is currently employed within the credit rehabilitation industry and previously worked 14 years within the financial industry (Banking). Qualified club cricket coach and have a big passion for sport (cricket, rugby and hockey) your typical South Africa man that loves to braai and interact with people on various daily topics.

Family man happily married for 14 years with 2 wonderful achieving children both academically and on the sport field and as an individual I am a firm believer in honesty and integrity and is not someone that will become violent but would rather seek a more peaceful way of solving any form of problem. Firm believer in working hard and always giving everything on a daily basis.

Eddie is Johannesburg based and would love to assist with any form of debt and sport mediation where required.

You can contact Eddie at eddie@adr-networksa.co.za

Featured Mediator

Friends and Colleagues

I am proud to introduce David Sibsiso Mlangeni as this week’s featured mediator. He trained recently with ADR Network SA and has joined our panel. He is a vastly experienced and highly accomplished mediator, notably in Education and Land Claims. To use his services, please email him at david@adr-networksa.co.za.

Here is more about him:



I am born in 1948, in the old Alexandria township and left for Diepkloof in Soweto in 1968. I studied at Botshabelo Training College and matriculated at a Lutheran Missionary in Middelburg (Mpumalanga).

Further education was done at the University of Zululand, where I completed a B. A. degree, majoring in Education, History and Political Science. Thereafter I completed a Secondary Teachers Diploma at the same institute.

I was actively involved in student politics and was a member of the SRC in 1994.


Worked as a teacher and within three years was promoted to the ranks of a High School Principal in 1978. Later in 1986 was seconded to a post as Lecturer at the Ndebele College of Education, teaching English (STD 111 & PTD 111 as well as Pedagogics.

Requested to take up a post as a school Inspector in 1988 and retired from teaching in 1988.


At the University of Zululand I was Chairman of the disciplinary committee and it was that my skills of mediation was unveiled.

In the year 2001 I was requested by MTP (Mediation and Transformation Practices) on a part time basis resolving issues of unions in the Western Cape.


MTP appointed me on a contractual basis doing mainly

  • The Extension of Security of Tenure for the Occupiers and Owners on the Tenure Act, 62 of 1997 dealing mostly with:
  • Rights of Owners and Occupiers
  • Rights of Occupiers
  • Rights of Owners
  • The rights of long term occupiers
  • How can Occupiers strengthen their land rights
  • Requirements for the Settlement
  • Ending and occupiers right of residence
  • Application for an eviction order
  • Restoration of residence and use of land
  • The courts and dealing with disputes

All the above was to restore the dignity of the farm worker on the farm and assist him/her to have permanent residence on the farm. I was based in Springbok in the Northern Cape but doing work in the Northern Cape and Free State, only with farm workers and the land owners.

Out of 100% of the cases on farm workers issues (occupiers) I had a 99.8% success rate, restoring dignity on the occupier (farm worker)

Contact: Rodney Dreyer

Franklin Farmer

Craig Arendse


Act no. 28 of 1996

MTP was awarded a tender with the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform to regularize all the 2500 CPA’s in the country.

Trained by MTP and was given up to 10 CPA’s to regularize and later it was increased to 15. Serious mediation and negotiation, lots of disputes in land management, financial management and disputes on leadership up to 2010 – 2011 with MTP and CPA’s. In 2011 a new company took over.


This company continued with the regularization of the CPA’s with a view to minimize their problems and make them functional. I am contacted up to now.

Disputes and litigation on land was very serious but mediation had to resolve both the CPA’s and Trusts, up to 2015

Contact: Ashraf Mahomed

Miriam Sirkhotte

  1. B. We are doing Land Rights Management Facility

Trained by: Claire Hock & Ashraf Mahomed


Whatever disputes and conflicts are there, mediation has proven to be the best ammunition to assist in resolving such conflicts and disputes.”

Peace be with you.


Ps. To feature in this section you must be registered with ADR Network SA on our panel. Get a mail through to panel@adr-networksa.co.za

June Mediator Training Dates


Please note that the published dates for our June 5 day Mediator Training were incorrect.

Training will run in Durban/Joburg and Cape Town from 22-26 June (not 20-24 June) 2015

Court Annexed Mediation will be covered on Thursday 25 June in each region

For registration forms please email training@adr-networksa.co.za





Attention ADR Network SA Panellists (Mediators and Arbitrators)


If you are currently registered with ADR Network SA as a panellist, please send in an update of your specific offerings and areas of interest or speciality, from workshops to dispute resolution services

We will be publishing updates on our website and all our networks this week, so it’s a good time to harvest some work

Please send in to sheena@adr-networksa.co.za by 12pm on Tuesday 24 March 2015 for publication on Wednesday morning, statistically one of the best times to get news out


Sheena Jonker


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Training Updates


Shortly after I sent out Monday’s blog, our Domain went down. So this is an update for those unable to access the information:

1. Training

A last reminder of 40 hour mediator training as follows:

Cape Town 16-20 March (confirmed to go ahead)

Bloemfontein 9-13 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Durban 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Johannesburg 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers) 

5 day Mediator Training is R 11 999

1 day Court Annexed Mediation is R 999  (on the Thursday of each 5 day Group)

Distance Learning Program is R 11 999

Monthly payment options: 

6 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 2100 per month

12 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 1200 per month

18 month payment option (5 Day or Distance) R 875

24 month payment plan (5 Day or Distance) R 625 per month 

*Discounts for upfront payment and/or multiple trainees

Please return your proof of payment for the full amount or first instalment and we will respond with your electronic study pack as follows

ADR Network SA

FNB 62488968888

Br 223726

Ref: Surname/*5day *Dist *CAM

2. Evictions

We have had a victory for ADR in one of our eviction matters. A draft order was agreed to which will be taken by consent in Chambers with the Judge President Tomorrow. Part of this Order sees the setting up of a Steering Committee made up of representatives for the Applicant, ourselves as Amicus Curiae, the Committee and Law Enforcement. This committee will work to achieve an exit of the community from the land by agreement in parallel with a process of establishing suitable alternative accommodation and measures in collaboration with the City’s Human Settlement’s Division. This is what we have advocated for all along and it is becoming a reality: proper consultation

Through our efforts we have had several short term wins for 6 communities of a total of over 6000 families, but this matter sees what we ultimately want: engagement as the only possible long term solution

3. ADR Summit

On Friday I will be addressing an ADR Summit in Bloem. The DOJ and COGTA will be there and I have been specifically asked to address them on what we have learned for ADR in community eviction matters

4. Community Courts

Access to Justice and ADR Network SA has started a process of providing skilled mediators present at the Community and Municipal Courts starting in KZN and Western Cape. We look forward to this work gaining strength and momentum

5. Court Annexed Mediation

Many of our mediators have been accredited with the DOJ in Gauteng and the Northern Province

We look forward to further provincial role outs

6. Peace at Work

My friend John Ford (former Editor at Mediate.com) has published his book Peace at Work, a brilliant resource for mediators and HR Practitioners in the Workplace. I have a copy to give away. Email me if you think you deserve it:)

Please get in touch. We love hearing from you