Upcoming Mediator Training, Accreditation, Weekly Featured Mediator and other News


1. Mediator Training 20-24 April

We have 40 mediator training this month in Johannesburg. The Thursday of the Program covers court annexed mediation and can also be done as a one day Program at R 1000 for those with prior 40 hour training or relevant experience

Please get in touch for information packs at training@adr-networksa.co.za

Other workshop dates are:

20-24 April Johannesburg

20-26 June Durban

6-10    July Johannesburg/Durban/Bloemfontein

3-7      August Cape Town/PE

Please note there is a 75% discount for all SAPS or Correctional Services employees paying for themselves

The full cost of the program is R 11 999 with various monthly payment options and discounts for advance payment in full

2. Accreditation

To become an accredited member of our panel (including the Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa NPO) please email panel@adr-networksa.co.za. You will receive a dedicated ADR Network SA email address

3. Featured Mediator

Every Wednesday between 8am and 10am we run a featured mediator section. This is to introduce currently-registered and accredited members of our panel on all our networks and to our mailing lists. Please email sheena@adr-networksa.co.za for more information

4. Current Work

Aside from long-established mediation and ADR work in Divorce, Workplace and Commercial Disputes, we are gaining growing traction and enjoying expanding favour in Disputes Relating to community evictions, public protest action and collateral public violence suits, personal injury matters and human rights matters generally.

Early next week we meet with the City of Durban on interventions on the ongoing Xenophobic attacks in our region. As always, we intend mobilizing at the cause, not just the symptoms. For two long, Restorative Justice Practitioners have mobilized mainly at Reactive and Redemptive Violence. We need to mobilize more strongly at originating violations and systemic and structural issues that violate communities and perpetuate poverty

5. Alternative and Solidarity Economics

I am currently looking at alternatives in economic systems and the role of ADR in solidarity economics. Developing Countries are seeing success in addressing ever-growing and devastating economic inequality with workers taking control of failing businesses in industry where owners are declaring bankruptcy. This is an exceptionally interesting development where worker co-operatives are established with the solidarity of supportive stakeholders. The application in this for ADR is endless and it is to be explored further. I will publish more comprehensive thoughts on this later this week. If you have a particular interest in this, please email sheena@adr-networksa.co.za

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Featured Mediator Section


Just a reminder that Wednesday is our Featured Mediator Day so we feature a number of our Registered Panel Mediators from various regions. To feature, you must be part of our panel and your updated bio must be in by 12pm on Tuesday

The feature goes out to all our subscriber lists, my blog and our Social Media Pages on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter

Please also look out for this weeks feature on the spiral of violence which teaches Restorative Justice mediators a model of understanding the genesis of violence and we start building an awakening for practitioners to start mobilizing at the source of violence rather than just reactive violence and redemptive violence.

Look out also, for ongoing updates on current matters and also training





Upcoming Training

Court Annexed Mediation One Day Workshops

25 September Jozi, Durban, Cape Town

Cost for panellists: free

Cost for past and current trainees: R 200

Cost for all others: R1000

Includes snacks, refreshments, manuals and certificates of attendance

To reserve a spot email training@adr-networksa.co.za with Court Annexed Mediation in the Header


Durban 20-24 Oct

Cape Town 27- 31 Oct

Jozi 3-7 November

Cost R 11 999 incl manuals, certificate and accreditation with ADR Network SA and Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa


Cost is R 11 99 (incl Vat) *subsidies available

Email training@adr-networksa.co.za


Cost is R 1000 including materials and certificate of attendance.

8 Oct Cape Town

16 October Jozi

28 October Durban

Email: training@adr-networksa.co.za with “Leadership Training” in the header.

Victory for ADR and Mediation

“I generally operate in a space where my faith is way bigger than what I can see or even explain. But today we got to enjoy the fruits of our tenacity in court: illegal gathering and public violence matter diverted to mediation against significant odds Gratitude to the amazing work of power ACCESS TO JUSTICE legal ADR team Krish Jairam Attorneys, Advocate Tango and Brandon Abdinor. All the hard work has not been in vain. Respect also to Mazibuye for bringing such issues to the fore. Let us go forth and replicate this stuff everywhere”

-Sheena St. Clair Jonker




I blog in peace.


As you know, we often intervene in matters before court and advocate for diversion or referral to Restorative Justice ADR Dialogue or mediation. In criminal matters this involves making representations to the Senior Public Prosecutor, and if unsuccessful, then the Director of Public Prosecutions, and if unsuccessful, then the National Director of Public Prosecutions.


One such matter, S v Sangweni and others involves 43 workers, and 3 leaders of a civil rights organization arrested and charged with illegal gathering and public violence. The organization, Mazibuye, is an organization that tirelessly and fearlessly advocates for the poor and addresses human rights violations head on. In this particular matter, the group had entered into negotiations on various unfair labour practices and other violations including pay as little as R 27 a day and the dispossession of Identity Documentation. Agreement was reached and when it was reneged on a few days later, the leaders lead the workers in a gathering and march. There are many dynamics at play including the fact that the Illegal Gatherings Act does not favour groups that gather and march in this way, even where it is an outworking of desperation and ongoing and unaddressed human rights violations. The Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa is intent on raising the constitutionality of this in the appropriate forum.


Yesterday the court in this matter ordered a diversion to mediation. This after seven months of representations and indications by the SPP that the content of the charges was ultra vires the NPA protocol on diversion. But working tirelessly and tenaciously, and completely pro bono, Access to Justice legal and dispute resolution team made up of Krish Jairam, Advocate Khaya Tango and Brandon Abdinor rallied up support of the Department of Labour, the Complainant Company and demonstrated to the DPP that such diversion is not only supported in our law, but accords with wisdom and reason. This is a victory for the potential to address the cause and interrupt a culture of simply reacting and suppressing those that have authentic concerns simply by pulling the Illegal Gathering card. This is also a victory for diversion to mediation which we intend to replicate all over the country as there are several such matters that we have been consulted in.


We are currently setting up substructures of the Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa in each province. As some of you know this is an NGO platform purposed to mobilize and resource lawyers and Dispute Resolution Practitioners to get in the way of injustice and specifically to provide Access to Justice for the poor. If you wish to be part of one of these substructures, please email sheena@accesstojustice.co.za


Our ADR Program now includes content on Court Annexed Mediation Rules (the project due to pilot across SA on 1 August) as well as advocacy in ADR and mediation diversion such as described above. We provide replicable written and oral representation protocol pioneered and developed in the course of our own practice in this.


To join training, please send an email to training@adr-networksa.co.za


Upcoming dates are

Jozi 7-11 July

Bloem 21-26 July

Durban 4-8 August

Cape Town 25-29 August

Distance Learning over 12 months (can be fast tracked over 3 months)


As always, Peace