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1. Training:

It’s all happening next week in Joburg and Bloem. All registrations for the five day mediator training or the one day Court Annexed Mediation as well as new Distance Learning Registrations on the Thursday must be in like yesterday. But if I apply a little Grace you have a few minutes left.

Email urgently

2. Corporate Social Investment: Education is an Access to Justice issue

Corporate Social Investment:
If you have any available CSI spend please consider the following before you close off your year. The spend enhances your BEEE rating but more than that you will be empowering teachers in KZN. Here is some info. Please contact David Roome (​ if you are willing and able. Please also share on all your networks:

In summary, Thuthukisa was started 3 years ago, hosted at Highbury as a poverty alleviation project. We have seen huge favor in many aspects, but would like to see it grow substantially.

The teachers responsible for school readiness in our province are among the least qualified when looking at national levels, with the highest learner-educator ratio against all other provinces. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but KZN has the largest numbers of school-children in the country – almost a quarter of the country’s at 3 million whereas GP as the next largest has just over 2 million out of 12 million countrywide.

Investing in teachers has a huge rate of return. Our teachers on average have a dependency ratio of 30:1 learners:educators. So for every rand you spend, you impact 31 people. We have 300 teachers in the project at varying levels of education.

The dept. of education does not employ teachers who are not qualified with a degree in education. This means that all unqualified ECD teachers (the majority) earn a monthly stipend of R700 – R1500 per month from the dept. of social development.

This is the group who we are entrusting the future economic potential of our country to.

Placing a child in school at grade 1 with no mathematical or basic language literacy skills sets them up for failure. The system is designed around a basic understanding of concepts.

This project does multiple things – trains teachers to educate rather than baby-sit; formally increases their education level so that they qualify to be formally employed and earn a salary; raises the standard of education and school-readiness and directly improves the lives of the teachers; and improves the success level of learners at school.

Half of matrics drop out of school without completing matric. SA adds 1.5 million school-leavers to the economy per year. Only 1 million jobs have formally been added to the economy since 2008 when a million had been lost. Unemployment at 18-24 age is 80%.

This project, long term will significantly increase the chances of learners to gain an education and be economically attractive to the workplace.

We are fully accredited BEE for any CSI spend. We can also assist with learnerships (enterprise development) and Skill development spend. Legislation is changing and in May, i understand companies will be required to spend 6% of their salaries & wage bill on skills development. Please consider this mechanism to invest in the economy your children will be a part of.

The tax year ends in a few weeks and any spend needs to be made ahead of this to qualify for potential rebates.

I would really appreciate your help and support in this. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you know of someone in your network who needs to meet a better scorecard level or is passionate about education or poverty alleviation, please forward this opportunity to them.


3. Community Courts and ADR

We are rolling out some informal projects at the Community Courts



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Court Annexed Mediation Update and news on other matters

Update on Court Annexed Mediation and other Matters


  • Court Annexed Mediation



As advised previously, the start date of the pilot project on court-annexed mediation has been postponed to 1 December 2014.

On 1 August the Minister of Justice published draft accreditation standards and norms and standards for mediators. This contains a call for comment by interested parties which should be in by 28 August 2014. You are encouraged to take a look and send in your comments. This is what healthy, functioning constitutional democracy looks like. If you would like a copy of the notice emailed to you, please get hold of me at with “Gazetted Notice” in the subject line


  • S v Sangweni



The ADR Process takes place on 18-22 August in Kwamashu. Mediation caucus meetings are under way this week. Updates will follow


  • Maths and Science Forum Ministerial task team



Last week I chaired a dialogue lead by Mazibuye African Forum on the issue of the state of Maths and Science in schools. This is a highly emotive issue with kids from the representative majority being excluded from tertiary opportunity due to the lack of pure maths and science. Many of the role players recognize the opportunities to broden the dialogue and maximize its efficacy through ADR platforms and mediated contexts, hence our involvement. For us, Access to Education is also and Access to Justice issue and our highlighting of ADR Dialogue and Restorative Justice Peacemaking continues to gain ground and be recognized as a vital tool in burning issues across the country. If you feel you can add value to this dialogue and the work of this task team in any way, the intention is to make it as inclusive as possible, please may you get in touch with me at with “Maths and Science” in the subject line.


  • Access to Justice Golf Day 18 November 2014



As you know via Access to Justice we have mobilized legal and dispute resolution practitioners to provide legal and dispute resolution resource in matters of public interest, lobbying and activism. Not only does this accomplish access to justice for the poor, which is the primary intention, but it inadvertently advances everything we do in ADR, mediation and restorative justice. This is beneficial to absolutely everyone active in this arena. To this end, we invite you to help us make the first golf day a success. From raising money to highlighting what we do. If you play golf, it will be a phenomenal opportunity for you to be there and connect with others. Aside from that the advertising and sponsorship opportunity is a chance for you to highlight your own work in this. Please get in touch at with “Golf Day” in the subject line








Our new aggregator in Justice News is an alternative news resource which is to lift up the work of writers in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Justice. There are advertising opportunities. Please get in touch at with “Advertising” in the subject line.


  • Training



Five day workshops are coming up in Cape Town, PE, Jozi and Durbs. Please get in touch for registration packs.

Distance learning still carries a limited number of subsidies. Please get in touch at


  • Access to Justice Breakfasts



We had a wonderful time in Durban on Friday with lively vibrant discussion around matters of ADR and Access to Justice. Cape Town and Jozi Breakfasts will be coming up. All panellists registered with ADR Network SA become Dispute Resolution Service Providers to Access to Justice and these breakfasts are an opportunity to introduce your services, connect with others and generally fortify the fabric of those that are like-minded across SA. To be included, or to host a breakfast (which we will resource), please send an email to with “Breakfasts” in the subject line.


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