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Just a reminder that Wednesday is our Featured Mediator Day so we feature a number of our Registered Panel Mediators from various regions. To feature, you must be part of our panel and your updated bio must be in by 12pm on Tuesday

The feature goes out to all our subscriber lists, my blog and our Social Media Pages on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter

Please also look out for this weeks feature on the spiral of violence which teaches Restorative Justice mediators a model of understanding the genesis of violence and we start building an awakening for practitioners to start mobilizing at the source of violence rather than just reactive violence and redemptive violence.

Look out also, for ongoing updates on current matters and also training






A last reminder of 40 hour mediator training as follows:

Cape Town/Joburg/Durban 16-20 March

Joburg Trainees will tour the Constitutional Court and we include a new section for all trainees on our work in ADR in Constitutional and Administrative Matters

5 day Mediator Training is R 11 999

1 day Court Annexed Mediation is R 999  (on the Thursday of each 5 day Group)

Past trainees can attend at a cost of R 330 per day for any portion of the program. Agenda available on request

Distance Learning Program is R 11 999

Monthly payment options:

6 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 2100 per month

12 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 1200 per month

18 month payment option (5 Day or Distance) R 875

24 month payment plan (5 Day or Distance) R 625 per month

*Discounts for upfront payment and/or multiple trainees

Please return your proof of payment for the full amount or first instalment and we will respond with your electronic study pack as follows

ADR Network SA

FNB 62488968888

Br 223726

Ref: Surname/*5day *Dist *CAM

Kindest regards

Sheena St. Clair Jonker


Latest News and Training Dates


1. Upcoming Training Dates

16-20 March Cape Town

9-13 Bloem

Proposed Training Dates

16-20 March Durban

16-20 March Joburg

Full fee is R 12 000 and there are monthly terms available as well as discounts for advance payment and multiple trainees

Distance Training available

Costs are the same with the same term options and discount options

All programs cover prescribed content on Court Annexed Mediation

2. Public Speaking Engagements

There is a great need to sensitize society around shifting from punitive understandings of justice to restorative systems

How do we use the law and discipline structures in organizations such as schools to protect, heal, restore and make things right again (all the elements of real justice)

To book a speaker please contact sheena@accesstojustice.co.za

3. Protest action

We are consulted in a lot of protest action both prior to such action and often in the aftermath

We have developed a pack in order to help preserve this right as well as enable safe protest action. This contains a checklist and draft notice. Email me if you want a pack




Re: Mediator Training with the Inclusion of Content on Court Annexed Mediation

Mediator Training accredited with ADR Network SA and The Access to Justice Association of SA:
16 to 20 Feb Durban/Jozi/Bloemfontein
16 to 20 March CT/PE
Included Court Annexed Mediation
To register EFT FNB 62488968888 br 223726
Ref: surname/centre
Amount: R 5999 if paid immediately ( ie 50 % discount) ; R 11 999 after 24/12 or R 1200 if paying over 12 months.
Court Annexed Mediation on the Thursday of each Program as a stand alone is R 1000 for those who have done prior 40 hour training. Payment reference is Surname/Centre/CAM
Email training@adr-networksa.co.za

Re: Upcoming Training

Hi all

I reminder that if you wish to attend any of the following 5 day workshops you should request registration forms at training@adr-networksa.co.za:

16-20 February Johannesburg/Bloem

16-20 March Durban/ Cape Town/PE

We had released 2 fifty percent subsidies per program and have a few left. Please enquire directly on this

Also a reminder that the Thursday of each program covers Court Annexed Mediation which can be attended as a stand alone for those who have done prior 40 hour training, either with us or elsewhere.

As always, Peace.

Sheena Jonker