Weapons of War: Peace, Joy, Love, Hope, a Sound Mind…and Creative Genius


Do creativity and justice go together? We believe that our Creator is the very author of justice. Bill Johnson writes of the War of Art and says “those committed to skilful wisdom (artistic expression) will dismantle strongholds of abusive power”.



I blog in peace.


Just a little family news this week. Our new facebook page is up and it would be amazing if you would go around there and like it. Even better, share it! The link is https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/AdrNetworkSouthAfrica?fref=ts


Also it would be equally amazing if you would follow me on twitter @sheena_ostjon. Our digital marketing guy, Sean, is currently doing his thing, getting everything linked and has acquired some cool plug-ins which are set to help us expand our social networking presence. He travels all over the world going to digital marketing conferences, so we really like him. Go Sean!

Sean has also just established the ADR Network SA You Tube channel. Now this is really exciting. Enter, the War of Art. We declare war on injustice and adversarial processes that perpetuate injustice. Here is how:

This week we shot our first video around the theme of Access to Justice under the creative direction of the brilliant Andrew McGibbon of DreamCo. In this video we feature the founder of OUTA which is pursuing the e-tolling matter. Our view is this: justice proceeds from the fullness of the narrative, the story. It would be a travesty of justice if the narrative, the story, the voice of society were to be muted or shut down due to lack of funds. Justice must never proceed along the lines of the resourced. The video also features yours truly and a cross section of society. We will release it next Wednesday at 9am. Your job is to share it on all your social pages. Please!  This is the biggest privately funded court case in the history of South Africa and will initiate some vital conversations around public consultation and dialogue processes, so please be sure to tune in. We will send you another reminder as well as a link to the video when we release it.

We are releasing similar videos relating to a number of other high profile matters.

In this series we  raise the profile of the value we place on the narrative, the story and the fact that mediation is ultimately the best and safest place to for the narrative to proceed most authentically, free of the tactical games playing and artificial rules of evidence in the adversarial system.

Look out for our half-day seminars running all over SA. We have our first one on 13 March in Durban. If you are unable to complete a full program in mediation, attending a half-day seminar will cause the beginnings of a paradigm shift and you can start applying reconciliatory, restorative processes inspired by mediation, in your day to day lives both professionally and personally.

There will soon come a tipping point and alternative dispute resolution will way more heavily in justice than the adversarial system does. It is going to happen and you can be a part of this sooner rather than later.

For information on our half-day, seminars, programs or mediation and arbitration processes please email us on adr@mediatorsa.co.za

We continue to war, but we war in peace. With joy, love, hope and a sound mind. And creative genius.

Victory is certain. No retreat, no surrender!

As always, peace.



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