ADR Network SA featured Mediators: Every Wednesday between 8am and 10am

Holla! Every Wednesday we will be featuring some of our current panel mediators. If you wish to be featured, email This time is statistically the best time to be online and it will go out to facebook, twitter and our blog, so the reach is extensive. Here are today’s featured mediators: ROGER ADAMS has […] […]

Re: Mediator Training with the Inclusion of Content on Court Annexed Mediation

Mediator Training accredited with ADR Network SA and The Access to Justice Association of SA: 16 to 20 Feb Durban/Jozi/Bloemfontein 16 to 20 March CT/PE Included Court Annexed Mediation To register EFT FNB 62488968888 br 223726 Ref: surname/centre Amount: R 5999 if paid immediately ( ie 50 % discount) ; R 11 999 after 24/12 […] […]

The sentencing of Oscar Pistorius

Tomorrow Oscar is sentenced. Friday we heard argument in mitigation of sentence and argument in aggravation of sentence. I have views on both. In the first place the presence of a self-confessed contract killer in court last week, who previously made a deal with Gerrie Nel which bought him immunity from prosecution and the very […] […]

Leading for Peace: Leadership Programs

Leading for Peace: Leadership Program Johannesburg Leaders learn to lead through the lens of restorative justice and peacemaking skills like mediation and managed dialogue. Also build courage and skills to interrupt injustice in order to work to build peace. Learn practical skills in community building and peacebuilding that can be applied within your sphere […] […]

Reminder: Training Dates

REMINDER: UPCOMINING TRAINING DATES   FIVE DAY ADR PROGRAM IN MEDIATION AND RESTORATIVE JUSTICE DIALOGUE   Become an accredited mediator with ADR Network SA and The Access to Justice Association of Southern Africa. Upcoming dates are 13-17 October 2014 Bloemfontein 20-24 October 2014 Durban 27-31 October 2014 Cape Town 3-7 November Johannesburg Email: […] […]

Facts are the enemy of truth: A perspective on The Oscar Pistorius Verdict

FACTS ARE THE ENEMY OF TRUTH There is much anger and disappointment at the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius Trial. Personally, I am amazed at the amazement especially in legal circles. During the state case, I was working from home after surgery, and I watched the entire State case. (I also watched much of the […] […]

One day workshops: Court Annexed Mediation

Good day   We will be running a series of one day workshops which will focus on specific requirements for upcoming Court Annexed Mediation. These will generally take place on the Thursday of our 5 day programs but other dates will be published from time to time. This is specifically to fortify existing forty hour […] […]

Latest News: Justice News Live, Court Annexed Mediation, ADR Dialogue, more brutal evictions, Training and other matters

Holla! I blog in peace. Here is an update on some of the latest developments in the world of ADR and Access to Justice: 1. COURT ANNEXED MEDIATION Please note that the date for sending back commentary on published accreditation standards and Standards and norms is 28 August 2014. If you have not seen the […] […]

Victory for ADR and Mediation

“I generally operate in a space where my faith is way bigger than what I can see or even explain. But today we got to enjoy the fruits of our tenacity in court: illegal gathering and public violence matter diverted to mediation against significant odds Gratitude to the amazing work of power ACCESS TO JUSTICE […] […]