Shortly after I sent out Monday’s blog, our Domain went down. So this is an update for those unable to access the information:

1. Training

A last reminder of 40 hour mediator training as follows:

Cape Town 16-20 March (confirmed to go ahead)

Bloemfontein 9-13 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Durban 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers)

Johannesburg 16-20 March (subject to minimum numbers) 

5 day Mediator Training is R 11 999

1 day Court Annexed Mediation is R 999  (on the Thursday of each 5 day Group)

Distance Learning Program is R 11 999

Monthly payment options: 

6 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 2100 per month

12 month payment plan (5 day or Distance) R 1200 per month

18 month payment option (5 Day or Distance) R 875

24 month payment plan (5 Day or Distance) R 625 per month 

*Discounts for upfront payment and/or multiple trainees

Please return your proof of payment for the full amount or first instalment and we will respond with your electronic study pack as follows

ADR Network SA

FNB 62488968888

Br 223726

Ref: Surname/*5day *Dist *CAM

2. Evictions

We have had a victory for ADR in one of our eviction matters. A draft order was agreed to which will be taken by consent in Chambers with the Judge President Tomorrow. Part of this Order sees the setting up of a Steering Committee made up of representatives for the Applicant, ourselves as Amicus Curiae, the Committee and Law Enforcement. This committee will work to achieve an exit of the community from the land by agreement in parallel with a process of establishing suitable alternative accommodation and measures in collaboration with the City’s Human Settlement’s Division. This is what we have advocated for all along and it is becoming a reality: proper consultation

Through our efforts we have had several short term wins for 6 communities of a total of over 6000 families, but this matter sees what we ultimately want: engagement as the only possible long term solution

3. ADR Summit

On Friday I will be addressing an ADR Summit in Bloem. The DOJ and COGTA will be there and I have been specifically asked to address them on what we have learned for ADR in community eviction matters

4. Community Courts

Access to Justice and ADR Network SA has started a process of providing skilled mediators present at the Community and Municipal Courts starting in KZN and Western Cape. We look forward to this work gaining strength and momentum

5. Court Annexed Mediation

Many of our mediators have been accredited with the DOJ in Gauteng and the Northern Province

We look forward to further provincial role outs

6. Peace at Work

My friend John Ford (former Editor at Mediate.com) has published his book Peace at Work, a brilliant resource for mediators and HR Practitioners in the Workplace. I have a copy to give away. Email me if you think you deserve it:)

Please get in touch. We love hearing from you