Facilitating Complex Dialogue


ADR Network SA (Pty) LTD offers expert training in mediation and arbitration that has been developed over the past 16 years and is continually updated and benchmarked against best practice and emerging ideas and ideology in ADR and Restorative Justice. Trainees and panelists enjoy ongoing support and engagement via practice development workshops, networking events, invitations to conferences, access to articles and the like.

It is recognized by the Department of Justice (for purpose of accreditation of individual court annexed mediators), SA Medico Legal Association (for accreditation of Medico-Legal mediators) and is accredited with ADR Register International (applicable to 164 countries including South Africa) for Mediation Training and CPD.

Facilitating Complex Dialogue

This is a certificate program on the Facilitation of Dialogue in some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Compulsory attendance of a three hour seminar every alternative Wednesday for 6 sessions.
Prescribed Material: ADR Network SA Manual on FACILITATING COMPLEX DIALOGUE 2022
Recommended Reading: Politics, Dialogue and Democracy, Kenneth Cloke

Course Outline:


The neurophysiology and morality of politics and political conflict.


How to discuss the various intersecting oppressions including racism, sexism and ablism.


How to discuss vaccine mandates and related matters and other extremely polarizing issues.


Designing and organizing difficult and complex dialogues.


Designing and organizing difficult and complex dialogues.


Transactional and policy-setting mediation and opportunities in practice.


R9999 (or R4999 for registered panellists)

Monthly payment option: R3500 x 3 months or R1750 x 6 months

Monthly payment option for panellists: R1750 x 3 months or R875 x 6 months

Registration Deadline: 5pm on 1 February 2022

Early Bird Discount: R2599 for panellists, or R4999 or if registered and paid by 1pm on 30 January 2022

Seminar Dates:

02 February 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

16 February 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

02 March 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

16 March 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

30 March 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

13 April 2022 (5pm – 8pm on Zoom)

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