Five Day Mediation Training


ADR Network SA (Pty) LTD offers expert training in mediation and arbitration that has been developed over the past 16 years and is continually updated and benchmarked against best practice and emerging ideas and ideology in ADR and Restorative Justice. Trainees and panelists enjoy ongoing support and engagement via practice development workshops, networking events, invitations to conferences, access to articles and the like.

It is recognized by the Department of Justice (for purpose of accreditation of individual court annexed mediators), SA Medico Legal Association (for accreditation of Medico-Legal mediators) and is accredited with ADR Register International (applicable to 164 countries including South Africa) for Mediation Training and CPD.


Course Outline

Day 1 :  An overview of ADR Systems;
Introduction to Restorative Justice;
Theory of Conflict Resolution
The Universal Pattern of Order/Disorder or Chaos/Re-Order and the Mediator’s role
Paideia and lifelong deep learning for Mediators

Day 2:  Mediation: theory, the process and ethics;
Court annexed mediation: the published rules, norms and standards and practical assignment; Role Play practice

Day 3: The Mediation Space and the Mediator Stance
Court Annexed Mediation, Rule 41 and other Statutory Systems
Role Plays and Practical Work

Day 4: ADR and the 4 th Industrial Revolution
ADR Practice
Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Role Plays

Day 5: Role Play assessments; presentation of assignments, storytelling circle; certification ceremony

Course Structure


The five day program results in certification in general mediation.

Seminar Dates

Training Fee: R 13 750 (in person workshop) or Zoom Training R 6 850

*All 5 day training runs on zoom for now and is at a discounted R 6 850
*Monthly payment options available

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