• 5 Day Mediator Training


Our Program incorporates specific Training on Court Annexed Mediation on the Thursday of Each Program. Past Trainees and panellists are entitled to attend, the former just at cost and the latter at no cost. The content on Court Annexed Mediation is relatively organic in order to keep abreast with unfolding developments on the pilot

Scheduled Upcoming 5 day Training dates are

Durban: 20-24 October

Durban Court annexed mediation on Thursday 23 October

Cape Town: 27-31 October

Cape Town Court Annexed Mediation on 30 October

Joburg: 3-7 November

Joburg Court Annexed Mediation on 6 November

*subject to minimum registrations

Email : training@adr-networksa.co.za

  • Distance Learning


From time to time we offer partial subsidies on our distance learning programs (25%, 50% and 75%). Please enquire on availability.

Email: training@adr-networksa.co.za

  1. Current Matters
  • Private Dispute Resolution is ongoing in Divorce, Commercial matters, labour matters and other matters
  • I am currently in Cape Town working on matters relating to Industry Role out in the Taxi Industry. This is tough work but allows for highlighting Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice at the highest levels. I am working hard to highlight the necessary centrality of ADR processes in Administrative Law and healthy functioning Constitutional Democracy
  • Eviction matters. Also mainly in the Western Cape where we have been consulted. We are mainly entering these matters is Amicus Curiae where we highlight Constitutional Issues and advocate for diversion to ADR Dialogue. ADR Dialogue makes most sense in respect of the need for consultation on alternatives and the rights of vulnerable persons
  • S v Sangweni ADR Dialogue continues in November
  • Special task group on access to justice for vulnerable persons. I will be making submissions in November on access to justice as well as highlighting the utility of ADR processes in gaining access to justice for vulnerable citizens

As always, Peace.