My recovery will never be complete until I participate in healing the society that made me sick

-The Awakening of Hope




I blog in peace.

What a week. I have just started to drive again. Still not walking on my leg. Just really trying to take things slow. So it’s still in a moonboot and I use crutches and a wheelchair for far distances. I have committed that I will not stand or walk on my leg if I have to use painkillers to do so. I want it to heal strong. But each day I stand on it a little, making sure I keep all my weight going through my left leg. The first time felt surreal. It felt like a dead guy’s foot, only with pain. So I was pretty bummed, but a chilled and tried again a week later. I stood in my mother’s day socks on the verandah watching the sun rise and it felt amazing. No pain. Not trying to walk on it yet. But each day I test out a little more sensation and allow it to take a little more burden. 

I feel that this stuff is teaching me about the injured hearts and minds I deal with as much as anything else. How in conflict resolution the best we can do for others is sometimes to simply slow things down, get the guys to take a step back and go through every necessary step of the healing process. This often starts with allowing ourselves to feel the pain, rather than avoid it or numb it, so that we can learn what needs to be adjusted and proceed in a way that does not burden the injured aspect of our body or lives.

Tuesday I was invited for vegetarian sushi and I tweeted “Suck on that atheists, there is a God!”. My next tweet was “I think God loves his vegetarian kids a little more than his other kids. Especially the brand new arrogant annoying vegetarian kids”. I thought I may be struck by lightening. Instead I was called out to an unprotected strike in Phoenix. So I had to ditch the vegetarian Sushi Plans.

So I spent the next two days in an environment permeated by a private “army” wielding assault rifles. The 200 workers. The poor. The disadvantaged I encountered. The activists that fearlessly back them. These are my greatest and most beautiful teachers. This is where I learn. This is where life becomes majestic and beautiful. We got to an interim agreement which saw the workers returning to work. But we have seven days to resolve all issues which have been ongoing for two decades. I will keep you posted.

My husband Mike finished Sani 2 Sea yesterday. It was my Birthday and we went to watch him come in. He finished strong with his Avolands partner Dave, but 29kms before they had had an accident. I spent the rest of my birthday in hospital with Mike. I am waiting outside theatre as I type this.

Last night I watched the moon and stars and I realised that it is injury, the seen and the unseen, that teaches us. Life is a great epic love story. It is romantic. But we need to understand injury and be prepared to go into it and move through it. For ourselves and others. An injury to you is an injury to me. Your healing is intricately linked to my healing. We need to understand this and fight for this stuff. All of us. This is how we dismantle injustice and establish peace.

Tomorrow Brandon, Khaya and myself attend the Court Annexed Mediation Consultative Workshop in Pretoria. Will chat next week with all feedback.

Gratitude to Brandon Abdinor for running an amazing program this week in Jozi. There has been amazing feedback already. Gratitude To Khaya Tango and Krish Jairam this week for their legal services in the unprotected strike (via Access to Justice) and also gratitude to Mazibuye Africa Forum for their amazing work in addressing ongoing injury and injustice in our land. It is vital for us all.

As always, peace


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