“Courage accessed in peace is the beginning of victory”

Kris Valloton



I blog in peace. I am back in Durban after an amazing week last week at RhodesUniversity. And at the risk of repeating what I said last week, we were so honoured to have met and spent time with whom we did and connecting with influencers at Rhodes, which is really something of a womb for future leaders. Friendships were made and alliances were forged and we look forward to seeing Rhodes taking there already valuable work in ADR to the next level. There are amazing initiatives at Rhodes, like the Silent Protest taking place next month which I will write more about soon. I will also introduce you to some of the amazing influencers there….once I get there permission!


It has been so good to be back with my beautiful family, Mike, Che and Luc-Michael. I have initiated some impressive breakfasting with the kids every day before school this year and so the sit down to a feast every morning. My son’s standard is to look around at the spread and go “You do know I am just having like three flapjacks, right?” This morning though he incorporated some bacon and fruit. *proud*


I am about to leave for Joburg where I will be until Friday. We have some amazing connections lined up for ADR Network and are also profiling some influencers for The Influence Project (www.the-influence-project.com).


If you are in Joburg and keen to hook up for coffee, please let me know. You can email me on sheena@mediatorsa.co.za.


Also if you are keen on attending our next Joburg 5 day program, registrations must be in by this week. The Program runs from 11-15 February in Norwood. Email me urgently on sheena@mediatorsa.co.za


You can also send me an email for a full schedule on our other workshops or information on our correspondence programs.


For news on the go follow me on twitter @sheena_ostjon


I have an amazing two days ahead, so look out for my next blog.


In conclusion, as peacemakers we do fight, but we never fight people, we fight unjust systems and destructive mindsets and we war with weapons of mass destruction: peace, love, joy, hope, a sound mind and self control

As always, I remain committed to achieving access to justice and peace for all. Victory is certain! No surrender! No defeat!


Until next time, peace!